Raising a Guide Dog

There’s no other way to say it, guide dogs are amazing animals. Their motivation to work, focus, and love for their handler are unmatched. Guide dogs are born to lead and begin training for their future careers just a few short weeks into their lives.

From their early days as a pup to the start of their formal training, guide dogs are constantly working and learning. A successful guide dog must be well socialized, comfortable in diverse environments, obedient and so much more. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at all that goes into raising and training a successful guide dog.

Noble Paws: How I spent my summer

German shepherd puppy Noble stands in a glass elevator on ground level, wearing his brown puppy walking jacket.
Guide dog in training Noble stands in an elevator.

Noble Paws: How to raise a guide dog

Noble, a German shepherd puppy wears his new Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy walking jacket.
Guide dog in training Noble in his brand new puppy walking jacket.