Our New Home

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind is expanding.

In 1988, we opened our National Training Centre. Located in Manotick, Ontario, over 700 clients have called this building home during the course of their training. Now, 30 years later, we’re excited to announce the development of our new residence and kennel.

This exciting expansion will allow our clients to live and train in an industry leading facility. Our new kennel will ensure maximum comfort for our dogs, while also offering an environment for them to learn more effectively. Our new home will allow us to continue serving Canadians for the next 30 years and beyond.

Update #1: Marking our Territory

A collage of three photos shows a large field outside Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind's National Training Centre is sectioned off by blue wire fencing.
Blue fencing marks where construction of a new training centre will begin.

While it might not look like much, the bright blue fencing marks the official beginning of our construction project! Soon this field will be the home our new National Training Centre.

Update #2: Breaking Ground

A large yellow bulldozer pushes soil towards a large pile of dirt in an empty field. A yellow cat truck sits idly in the foreground.
Construction equipment digging up soil at Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind’s National Training Centre.

Ground has officially been broken! The construction crew has begun removing the top layer of soil to clear space for the building’s foundation.

Update 3: Starting to take Form

Behind blue fencing, construction forms lay on the ground within a fully excavated site.
Construction equipment begins constructing concrete forms for a new National Training Centre.

Digging is complete and concrete forms are beginning to be put in place. Once the forms are up, concrete will be poured in to create the building’s foundation.

Update 4: From the Ground Up

A foundation layer on concrete sits inside an excavated plot of land. Rebar is sticking up from the foundation.
A foundation layer of concrete is laid.

The base layer of concrete has been laid, and a foundation is beginning to take shape. Our building is officially being constructed.

Update 5: A Firm Foundation

A montage of three photos shows the building's foundation layer of concrete from various angles
The foundation of Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind’s new training centre.

The foundation is being built up and our new home is starting to take shape! Each day brings new excitement as the building continues to increase its footprint.

Update 6: Moving On Up

Behind a blue construction fence, vertical wooden posts are connected by horizontal metal rods. This marks the beginning of a first story construction.
Metal bars joining wooden posts mark the frame of a first story ceiling.

And just like that, our building is off the ground! The shell of a first story is starting to take shape. If you look closely, you can also see some of the framing for walls being built on the ground.

Update 7: Brick by Brick

Construction workers stand on scaffolding in a dirt field, building a grey brick kennel building.

A landscape shot of construction workers building a grey brick kennel in a construction site of dirt and gravel. In front of the kennel sits wooden panels laying flat on the ground.

In front of the tree line, a grey brick kennel is being built by construction workers on scaffolding.
At the back of our property stands our new, state of the art kennel building.

In addition to our new residence and training centre, work has begun on our new, state of the art kennel. This building will allow our dogs to live in the lap of luxury at all times.

Update 8: Establishing Connection

A montage of three photos shows the frame of a metal tunnel from the entrance, the front, and the back. The tunnel will connect the new building to the existing national head office.
The hallway being built will connect the new residence and training centre with our existing national head office.

Our new residence and training centre will be connected, via this hallway, to our current national head office, allowing for easy travel between the two.

Update 9: The First Wall

In a snowy field, the wooden frame of a wall is standing tall. There are cutouts in the frame for windows and doors.
The Southern wall of our new training centre is built! With the frame being raised, the project is really starting to take shape. Literally.

We could hardly contain our excitement seeing this one! Walls have started being raised and we’re really starting to see what the finished product will be like.

Update 10: Raise the Roof

A large crane is raising triangular roof panels on to the top of a building. The panels are made of wooden boards and stretch horizontally across the building.
A large crane is raising roof panels on top of the building. The panels will stretch the length of the roof and be joined together.

Along with an extended side wall, our roof is starting to be installed. Dozens of these triangular panels will create the frame for a brand new metal roof.

Update 11: The Roof Takes Shape

From the front of the new training centre we see that triangular roof panels have been installed on the entire roof.

From the side of the new training centre we see a snow covered roof, with wooden panels attached to the previously installed triangular panels.
Most of the roof has taken shape, as the triangular panels are connected and the gaps filled in.

The snow has arrived in full, but construction is still well underway. The base layer of our roof is just about done, as the triangular panels are connected and covered. Very soon, the metal roof will be installed.

pdate 12: A Full-fledged Roof

A view from the front of the new training centre shows a snow covered roof that has been completely assembled and is awaiting a metal top layer.

A profile shot shows the brown metal roof on the South side of the new training centre, as well as a brief glimpse of the grey brick kennel in the background.
A profile shot shows the metal roof on the South side of the new training centre, as well as a brief glimpse of the kennel in the background.

The roof is just about finished, as the Southern side has had its metal covering installed. In the background you can see the progress on the kennel building.

Update 13: The New Doghouse

A side view of a grey brick kennel, with cutouts in the walls for doors. The building stands behind a construction vehicle and to the left of a orange tarp.
The exterior of the new kennel is almost completed and work on the roof is underway.

As work continues on the roof of the training centre, much work has been completed on the kennel as well. The exterior is taking shape and work has started on the roof.